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Wuiske Models have released the second run of our first ever QUEENSLAND MADE mass produced models, the HJS Open Wagons.
RUNNING NUMBERS - 23076, 22829, 22651.
Buffers, Door Stops and Air Hoses are included and can be fitted if desired.
18" Minimum Radius.
Ready To Run.
Fine Scale RP25-88, Blackened, Brass Spoked Wheels.
Fine injection molded (ABS and POM) Body Components.
Separately applied detail components.
Complete interior detail.
Factory painted and decorated.
Genuine Kadee 158 whisker couplers.
Accurate printing and stencilling.
Height adjustable.
**PLEASE NOTE** Coupler trip pins will need to be adjusted due to the accurate coupler height.
These wagons are designed to operate on a minimum 18 inch radius curve. If fitting the buffers a minimum radius of 24 inches is required.
The HJS open wagon was introduced to QR in the early 1950s and soldiered on right up until the 2000s.
There were 1,000 of these wagons in traffic built in two batches.
This high pressure injection molded model covers the first batch built in Birmingham, England.
The model includes fine QR 5 Foot Bar Frame bogies.

HO Queensland Rail HJS Open Wagon Black Set 1 Wuiske Models (3 Pack)

$195.00 Regular Price
$165.75Sale Price
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