This colour is QR Freight Grey and can be used on ALL steel and timber wagons
from the era of 1970 to 2020.
Similarly, this colour was also used as the "anti-glare" panel on the top of the
nose of all low nosed QR diesels.

These 50ml bottles of Australian made acrylic lacquer paints have been specifically
designed and formulated for use with ABS, POM and HIP plastics to ensure
they adhere to ALL brands of plastic models and materials. These paints are provided ready to use with an airbrush or spray gun.
These paints have been tried and tested on the Wuiske Models RTR rollingstock to
ensure perfect colour matches.

All colours are blended using the Pantone? Colour Match System to guarantee
consistent colours over time, regardless of "which batch" the paint comes from.

Queensland Rail Freight Grey