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The Evans Cars (BU, BUV) made by Tyson's Trains are based on the version of wagons that were produced in four batches by Commonwealth Engineering between 1946 and 1953 which ran till the 90s without the crown lights. These Evans Cars do not have the window bracing and are the high elliptical roof version. These coaches were designed to run in sets with BUV class guards vans attached at each end of the train. The standard composition consisted of between 4 and 6 BU coaches with a BUV coach at each end making sets of 6 - 8 coaches. 

These are HO scale model kits. You can choose your own bogie sizing (There will be issues with tight curves and 16.5mm bogies given the limited mobility between the side steps verse 12mm bogies).


This is a kit and requires cutting, filing, sanding, glueing and painting. 

You will need .3mm brass wire, glue, paint, bogies and couplers. 


Included in kit


1 x BU Evans Car Body Casting

1 x BU Evans Car Underframe Casting 

2 x BU Evans Car Side Steps

2 x Coupler Pocket Lids

4 x Wuiske Models Buffers

1 x Decal Sheet

BU Evans Car Tyson's Trains

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