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L Series Lander Cars

New Queensland Rail, L series Lander cars are due to be released this month. To begin with these kits will only be available in 8 car sets replicating the Spirit of the Outback. With an additional 3 car add-on set. These will be available in Hon3.5 and standard HO.

The 8 car set includes

1 x QPPB

1 x LAR Crew Car

2 x LAR Sleeper Carriage

2 x LDC Carriage

1 x LAL/LBL Standard Carriage

1 x LAL/LBL End Of Train Carriage.

The 3 car add-on will include

1 x LAR Crew Car

1 x LAR Sleeper

1 x LDC Carriage

The kits will contain

  • Bodies

  • Underframes

  • Bogies

  • Axels

  • Screws

  • Couplers

  • Decals

  • Concertinas

  • And clear clear window strips

Pre-Order Sale pricing is

8 car kits are $552.00 (Will increase to $599.00 01.01.2024)

8 car kits with 3 car add-on kits $759.00 (Will increase to $823.00 01.01.2024)

Simply order below and when your order is ready it will be sent. An email with tracking information will be provided for you when your order has shipped. Please ensure all information at checkout is accurate to avoid any issues later. 

Pre-Order Here!

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