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These fruit crates, also affectionately known as Pineapple Bins, are modelled off the southern Queensland variant of crate, and are designed to fit into Wuiske Models' HJS wagons. These crates were seen loaded on a variety of different wagons including S, FJS, HJS, PWH, and many more.

Queensland Railways specified 18 fruit crates per HJS wagon (ten on the bottom, eight on top), and we intend to sell them in packs accordingly. Each crate is separate and unattached, so if you wish to use them as scenery instead of loads, this is also possible.

Please note - crates may require a light file or sand to remove excess plastic from the printing process. Colours of crates will vary between batches made. Painting is required.


10pk of crates only 

Wagon and other accessories not included. 

10pk Fruit Crates Queensland Southern Version Mitch's Models MM-QFC10

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