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The Ground Up Scenery Super Fine Trees are made from a finely detailed natural plant. With a little finesse you can create fantastic, realistic model trees, bushes, and shrubs. Each package contains a range of different sizes of the natural plant so each model tree will be different. You will be able to make up to 30 model trees, bushes, shrubs etc. from this pack depending on size.


Please note each pack will have varying sizes and lengths of branches. 

Instructions: To make a super realistic model tree, select one of the branches from the pack. You can paint the trunks in different colours by using an air brush or a spray can and colour of your choice. After paint has dried, apply a spray glue to the fine branch structure. Sprinkle your desired fine turfs, scatters, or leaf material on to the glued branches. Trim any excess branches to desired shape and plant your tree on to your scene. 
Hint: Soak the branches in water for 20 minutes prior to painting and allow them to hang from the bottom of the trunk with a small weight on the tip of the tree to straighten the trunk. 


These packs do not come with any foliage applied. You are getting only a box of the natural plant that generally needs to have leaves, foliage or fine turf products added for colour and realisim. 


Super Fine Trees Ground Up Scenery Natural Seafoam Trees

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